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Founded in 1979, Flores de Oriente S.A.S C.I. is committed to the production and distribution of high-quality cut flowers for the international market. The company’s farms grow an assortment of flowers such as disbudded and spray chrysanthemums, matsumotos, dianthus, kales, sunflowers, and lilies, which are used everyday in our mixed bouquet and arrangement operation.

In 1998, seeing a high demand for tinted flowers, Flores de Oriente increased its flower tinting capacities, developing methods that result in vibrant colours, and therefore becoming a market leader in tinted products.

In 2001, Flores de Oriente participated in PROFLORA – its first international trade show. Then in 2003, at the same fair the company won the first prize in the International Variety Contest for its Rebonet Disbud.

Working together and growing along with our customers, we have been able to continue expanding our production and post-harvest areas to cover 45 hectares, and generating more than one thousand jobs. Flores de Oriente is currently BASC Certified, securing the products that are exported, and RAINFOREST ALLIANCE Certified, which promotes sustainable production, emphasizing environmentally-friendly practices and the well-being of the company’s people.

Flores de Oriente


Flores de Oriente S.A.S C.I is dedicated to the production and the exportation of environmentally friendly fresh cut flowers to improve the quality of life of the end customers by allowing them to express their feelings and decorate their homes with innovative products. The company also works for the well-being of its people, their families, and the community that surrounds us.

Flores de Oriente


We see ourselves reaching 2025 as a model company in Colombia innovating on different product lines of fresh cut flowers for the world mass markets; aiming at the fulfillment of our clients’ need in terms of the expression of their feelings and decoration of their homes, complying with international environmental standards in terms of clean production and our people’s well-being.

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Erica Patiño - Flores de Oriente

Erica Patiño


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Katerine Vanegas


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